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October 11, 2010 by KFC Kickin For Christ
It's getting heated down here in Florida and I'm not talking the weather, which is actually quite nice these days.   No, it's the political climate I'm speaking about.  The race for Governor has ignited white-hot with the flames growing in intensity with each passing day.  In short it's getting quite nasty and uncomfortable. 

I've decided I'm not voting for Govenor because of it and because there is no integrity in either of the candidates.  I...
April 14, 2010 by KFC Kickin For Christ
I was on Sean Hannity's show last night.  Did you see me?  We had a great spot to watch his show. 

Sean came to town here to spend the day with us.  I was able to be present when he did his live radio broadcast and later when he did his 9 pm TV show.  The show was taped at 6:15 pm to be later broadcasted last night. While I didn't watch the TV last night I heard that I was in it as the camera scanned the crowd and caught me waving. 

It was ...
March 11, 2010 by KFC Kickin For Christ
It's quite easy to get caught up in the negative so I propose we look at the positive signs of Barak Obama's presidency.  He's done more for the conservative moment since Reagen and  for that we should be thankful.  So instead of moaning and groaning I propose we start celebrating because Obama has done more for America in his first year of Presidency than many in recent years.   Sent to me by a friend:  He destroyed the Clinton Political Machine: Driving a sta...
November 22, 2009 by KFC Kickin For Christ
Yesterday was my Dad's birthday.  So what better gift to give to give him but an autographed copy of Glenn Beck's latest book?  It was a busy day for me to begin with not to mention the hoopla surrounding Beck's arrival.

Beck came to The Villages yesterday to unveil his plan to save America.  An enthusiastic crowd of 25,000 people were there to greet him and to listen to what Beck had to say.  We'd been hearing for days that he had a plan to save the Republic and inquiring...
August 20, 2009 by KFC Kickin For Christ
I don't think I've ever put up a youtube video on my blog site before, but this is an exception.  Have you seen the 11 year old named Sarah give a speech at one of the Tea Parties? 

She was amazing.  She put the politicians to shame with both the content of her speech and her delivery.  I dare say, we haven't heard the last of this young lady. 

Check it out. 



February 12, 2009 by KFC Kickin For Christ

I had a feeling this was coming......any thoughts?    What about the person who replaced him as U.S. Senator in New Hampshire? 
February 2, 2009 by KFC Kickin For Christ
Choices, choices.  We all have times in our lives when we must make a difficult choice.  To move or not to move.  To take a new job or stay put.  To have another baby or be content with the two you have.  

Sometimes it's a no-brainer but more than likely we have to weigh the pros and cons and agonize a bit before we make such decisions.  Then we pray for a while that we made the right one.  

I was thinking about that yesterday whe...
September 22, 2008 by KFC Kickin For Christ
I had the priviledge to sweat for Sarah yesterday along with about 60,000 other people who came from near and far to catch a glimpse of this little lady as she came to our neighborhood.  It was worth it.  Here's a few observations on the day.

It was very crowded.  More than was expected showed up to this party.  Many came hours early to get a good spot only to find themselves in a very long line that snaked around the town for about two miles.  When we biked into...
September 19, 2008 by KFC Kickin For Christ
The headlines in our local paper were big. 


So today I got my four allowed free tickets and I'll be heading down to the square to see Sarah Palin in person on Sunday.  I heard they are expecting about 30,000 people.  Where in the world are they going to put them?

They're telling us to drive to the square on our golf carts. Parking is going to be a problem.   We are going to do better than that.  We're going to bike.  ...
August 29, 2008 by KFC Kickin For Christ
So after all the talk by Obama about change, it was John McCain who beat him at his own game.

It's McCain who brings change to the ticket, not Obama.

Just like I've been saying all along.  Obama is all talk with not alot of substance.  He's a walking, talking empty suit.  His pick of Biden just helped to underscore the fact that when push comes to shove, it's the same old, same old afterall.

Kudos to John McCain for a great first decision as the possible next Pr...
June 10, 2008 by KFC Kickin For Christ
I've been thinking.

I do that from time to time.

Anyhow, I've been thinking I have no choice but to vote. 

Earlier in the year I said, and meant it, that I felt I could not vote the way things were going.  I'm not excited about any of the candidates at all.  I've said repeatedly I'm not a McCain supporter and I had no desire to vote for him.

Of course many razzed me saying no vote is a vote for Hillary or Obama.  So what?  To me they all looked alike once you...
April 17, 2008 by KFC Kickin For Christ
With all the politcs of today don't you miss Ronald Reagan?  I mean not only was he articulate, funny  and smart, he was entertaining as well.  Maybe his acting career helped him there some but he was genuinely just a pretty well liked guy no matter your politics.  

Here's a few of his words he left behind to remember him by:

"Here's my strategy on the cold war; we win; they lose."

"The most terrifying words in the English language are:  I'm from the ...