and to about 25,000 others!
Published on November 22, 2009 By KFC Kickin For Christ In Republican

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday.  So what better gift to give to give him but an autographed copy of Glenn Beck's latest book?  It was a busy day for me to begin with not to mention the hoopla surrounding Beck's arrival.

Beck came to The Villages yesterday to unveil his plan to save America.  An enthusiastic crowd of 25,000 people were there to greet him and to listen to what Beck had to say.  We'd been hearing for days that he had a plan to save the Republic and inquiring minds like mine wanted to know what he had in mind. 

I went down with my husband via golf cart about noon to get my wristband guaranteeing me a place in line later in the day to meet with Beck and have his book signed.  Bringing the golf cart was a great idea because we had great parking driving the cart where they wouldn't allow cars to go.  Since I bought his latest book earlier in the week I didn't have to stop by the book tent.  So that saved me some time as well as the short walk from the cart. 

I then got in a line of roughly 500-600 people and after about a half hour had a yellow C wristband firmly attached to my left wrist by a Fox News person.  I was good to go.  Many people were camping out right in front of the stage with blankets, babies and lots of food.  I could have parked myself right there and had a great front row spot to stay.  Since he wasn't going to speak until about 3:30 and we had lots to do back home we left to return later in the day.  That's three hours of better spent elswhere time so we left. 

About 3 pm we got on our bikes and rode the 3 miles or so into the square, parked our bikes and looked around at the massive amount of people.  Unbelievable.  Although not as many turned out as they did for Sarah Palin last summer. 

We spent about a half hour walking around trying to get the best vantage point we could.  We settled on a little raised brick island with lots of greenery and a couple of small trees to lean against.  We could see directly in front of us, not only the stage at about 100 feet away, but also a huge screen to see Beck closeup. 

After a few patriotic songs including Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" Beck's big long black bus arrived.  I wasn't impressed that he was a good 20 minutes or so late.  He was greeted by huge cheers, hugs and handshakes all the way up to the stage. 

He looked good and was animated per usual.  He spoke about 45 minutes.  He spoke about our country, patriotism, his belief in God and how we need to get back to our roots.  He spoke about being responsible, accountable, and getting our lives in order for what he is proposing to do.  He wants us to be finanacial, physically and spiritually strong for the coming days ahead.  He urged us to go back to our places of worship even.  He spoke about the sinking of our nation using the analogy of the Titanic saying we need to get into the lifeboats.  He spoke about how this whole corruption and sinking of our ship has been about 100 years in the making.  It didn't happen overnight.  It's time for corruption to end.  It needs to end with us for the sake of our children.

He plans on having seven conventions across the country.  The first will be held in March 2010 at the UCF arena.  He wants to end his conventions with a march on Washington on August 28 at the Lincoln Memorial to present the group's platform to the country's leaders.  I'm thinking something like the tea party idea but kicked into higher gear.   He said we could go to his site and request a spot for one of his conventions. 

The conventions are going to be lengthy; an all day affair.  This day will be about teaching America about history, economics and government among other stuff. 

So after he spoke they called out the wristbands by color.  First they called red and blue and then pink and then yellow.  So I had to wait about an hour or so.  Then when my color was called I had to push my way thru the thick crowd with my wristband wrapped arm up in the air so others could see.  "Yellow C coming though."  

When I finally made it up to the table after weaving through a series of lines there he was.  By this time it was close to 6 pm.  He had sweat rolling down his face and he was signing books at a record speed.  I never saw anyone sign books so fast as he.  He took my hand, looked me directly in the eye with a warm smile and said "thank you."  By the night's end he would have signed about 2,000 books. 

And that was it.  The last time Beck came here I didn't even know who he was.  The events he put on then were sold out in a very short time. 

My dad who watches Beck religiously every night at 5pm turned 71 yesterday.  He will receive a book signed by his favorite Fox News personality on his birthday. 

The lengths a daughter won't go to for the sake of her Dad!  Happy Birthday Dad! 





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on Nov 22, 2009

I used to watch Beck off and on while he was at CNN....but he was very much an alarmist...and I'm a no drama mama when it comes to my, I could only watch once in awhile.

Since he went to Fox, he amped it up 100 fold.  I'm not a big fan...he's ok I guess...there is just something off about him..something I can't put my finger I think he'd be ok in person, ok to have over for lunch, but there seems something unreliable about's he's going to burn out, not fade away.

That was super of you to do for your dad though.

on Nov 23, 2009

I don't watch him much.  He's a bit too over-dramatic for me, but the information he provides is useful.  Thanks to him we know much more about ACORN than before.

on Nov 23, 2009

I don't watch Beck because I don't get Fox but have seen him a few times on the internet.  He's definitely into the drama thing and is very animated and quite entertaining to watch I must say. 

But I agree Tova I think he's the flavor of the month right now and I'm not sure his plan will work.  You can see he had the crowd worked up pretty much until the point where he started mentioning his faith, Jesus and the prophet Moses.  Then not so much.  He got applause but not at the same level that he received when he went after the corruption on the Hill or when he spoke about patriotism. 

That will be his nail in his coffin.  While the Christian Conservatives, like me, will like what he has to say about faith and how important God is in the mix the rest will fall away if he gets "too" religious in his speak. 



on Nov 23, 2009

I do think Beck can tie a lot of things together that sound like a conspiracy but in the end, just pans out as paranoia.

I blogged about him back in 2007 when he was on CNN...and much more sarcastic...

on Nov 23, 2009

He has joked about a co-worker's wife's miscarriage among other things.  I think he's a crappy person.


Sarah Palin is coming to Ft Hood in early Dec.  I am tempted to meet her just for yucks.

on Nov 24, 2009

You should go meet her Brandie.  And then let us know what you think.


on Nov 24, 2009

Sarah Palin is here today.  She'll be in my neighborhood (about 2 miles from my home) about 2:30 to sign her new book.  I don't plan on going.  The crowds will be out of this world.  Not for me I guess. 

I thought she just went to Ft Hood?  Is she going again?  Or is it another base I'm thinking? 

on Nov 24, 2009

I thought she just went to Ft Hood? Is she going again? Or is it another base I'm thinking?

I think that was Ft Bragg...but I'm not sure.

on Nov 28, 2009

guess i should hire someone to ghost a book for me. 

on Dec 06, 2009

guess i should hire someone to ghost a book for me.

Yeah, but don't you have to have a message people want to hear, or at least be mildly interesting?

on Dec 06, 2009


on Dec 09, 2009

don't you have to have a message people want to hear, or at least be mildly interesting?

don't have to be certified to be certifiable i guess.

on Dec 10, 2009

don't have to be certified to be certifiable i guess

We just have to turn the news on each day to see that!

on Dec 11, 2009

I like Glen Beck.  I have for a long time, even when he was trashing Bush (basically for the same reason I was yelling at the news story of what Bush was doing).  but all of a sudden, now that bush is gone, Beck is the SAME, he is worse than Rush to the left! (They liked it when he was bashing Bush I guess - hypocrites and all).

So out come the mis-representations, out of context quotes, ignorant talking points and everything else since Obama made him one of the pillars of the new "Evil Axis" (along with hannity and o'Reilly).  Funny, the left Blamed Bush for allegedly taking away freedoms, and applaud Obama for doing it in reality.

on Feb 08, 2010

I don't like Glen Beck.  I find him entertaining from time to time and has a conservative message.  I just don't like how he won't give credit to people like Mark Levin where he borrows material from and either gives credit some where else or takes credit himself.  There are even times where he practically QUOTES Mark (just changes a word or two) but won't give credit for what he said or the ideas. He's even done this with Alex Jones as well.  I also don't care for how he seems to hijack the Tea Party Movement as if this was something started as a result of his 9-12 project. 


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