Here's change I can agree with
Published on October 11, 2010 By KFC Kickin For Christ In Republican

It's getting heated down here in Florida and I'm not talking the weather, which is actually quite nice these days.   No, it's the political climate I'm speaking about.  The race for Governor has ignited white-hot with the flames growing in intensity with each passing day.  In short it's getting quite nasty and uncomfortable. 

I've decided I'm not voting for Govenor because of it and because there is no integrity in either of the candidates.  I don't care who gets in. 

I typically vote Republican because their platform is the one I most associate with but honestly it's not as easy as it used to be.  When I tell others I'm not voting for Govenor this year I get the "well you have to because the Democrat will get in" speech.  I don't care.  I only vote for integrity and it's getting harder and harder to find a candidate that has any left.  

But having said that, I've found a man who I am more than eager to vote for and  believe is a breath of fresh air.  His name is Marco Rubio and he's running for United States Senator. 

He came here last Spring with Sean Hannity who did a live taping with Marco Rubio as his guest.   Most of us had never even heard of Marco.  A complete unknown.  I gave him little attention and moved on.  I was more interested in seeing Sean doing a live taping here in my backyard than another candidate vying for my attention. 

Then I met him personally last week.  I heard he was coming to speak so I went out of curiosity and the fact that I had nothing else spectacular to do that afternoon.  I was glad I went. 

The size of the crowd for this area was disappointing to say the least.  There couldn't have been more than a thousand people milling around waiting for the bus to arrive.  But even if the size of the crowd was diminutive the excitement was palpable.  The people who showed genuinely like this guy and are very excited to support him.  Some said they were disapponted there weren't 10,000 people there.  I spoke to a few around me who spoke quite highly of Marco Rubio telling me that I'd see soon enough within a few minutes of hearing him speak. 

So Marco shows up with his young family.  His wife, four young children and mother came with him.  They all stood on the platform subject to the hot afternoon sun for at least 45 minutes while Marco spoke and sweated.  He introduced his family, spoke his concerns for his family and this great county.  He elaborated about our great nation and how he wants to preserve this country for his young children.  He's a seond generation American and has fought hard to be where he is today acknowledging all the people who went before him who did the same.  He spoke his concerns about the debt and the elderly.  He spoke about repealing and replacing Obamacare. 

Last year at this time he said only a handful of people supported him and five of them lived in his own household  four of them under 10 years of age.  He said he was actually glad he was the underdog, 35 points below his opponent Govenor  Charlie Crist, because it not only made him work harder it showed others how much he was willing to work for this position.   

It didn't take long for people to notice Marco.  He's young, energetic, has movie star looks, articulate and from what I can ascertain uncorrupted. 

He's definitely a force to reckon with down here now.  Strong enough to make Govenor Charlie Crist abandon his Republican stance weeks before the primary choosing to run Independant instead.  Right now Marco is in the lead and Crist is desperate.    

Anyhow after Marco spoke last week I was able to talk with him personally.  While speaking with him I didn't notice the camera and was delighted to see my picture and name printed next to Marco's the next day in the paper.  A keeper souvenir for sure because it was after listening to him I decided this man is not only worth voting for but also going to go far maybe as far as President one day.  I told him I was very impressed to see him speak so well and so long with no teleprompter.  He laughted and said there was no room on the bus.  He asked me if I was a Villager after someone yelled out that I was a "young one."   He signed his autograph for me on a poster that was shoved in my hands moments before the bus showed up. 

If he can stay clean and just be himself, totally uncorrupted, I see him going far.  He's only 39 and I believe his star is just starting to rise.   Voting for him as the next Senator in the Sunshine state of Florida is a no brainer. 

If he wins, I may send him a congratulatory note with a scripture verse to encourage him.  It will say "bad company corrupts good character" and warn him to be very careful because one day I'd love to see him run for President. 




on Oct 11, 2010

His name is Marco Rubio and he's running for state Senator.

United States Senator (each state has a passel of senators, but only 2 US Senators).

As for your governor, I am not much interested in those this year either.  yes, they will make a difference in 2 respects.  One is the reapportionment of the representative districts (unless you live in a one horse state like Wyoming).  The other is in the law suits against the feds on both Health care and (especially in your case) illegal immigration enforcement.

Not too many states have the problem that "Caulifornia" does - i.e. the people voted for an amendment to the constitution, and both of the states ranking officers refuse to defend it.  So in reality, it is just reapportionment and federal responsibility you are voting for when you vote for governor (we elected ours last year).

on Oct 11, 2010

I like Rubio's message too.

on Oct 13, 2010

I like Rubio's message too.

It's hard not to like when you hear him.  He's not only so darn cute, he's actually got stuff to say that makes complete sense and at the same time heartfelt.  Like I said, it's going to be a no brainer to vote for him.  I only wish it were this easy in some of the other elections. 

Thanks Doc, for the proof read.  I changed it up so it reads correctly.