A Crowd Pleaser For Sure
Published on April 14, 2010 By KFC Kickin For Christ In Republican

I was on Sean Hannity's show last night.  Did you see me?  We had a great spot to watch his show. 

Sean came to town here to spend the day with us.  I was able to be present when he did his live radio broadcast and later when he did his 9 pm TV show.  The show was taped at 6:15 pm to be later broadcasted last night. While I didn't watch the TV last night I heard that I was in it as the camera scanned the crowd and caught me waving. 

It was a beautiful sunny, breezy, warm afternoon. 

My dad has come to town all the way from Maine so I brought him along.  He did watch the show later from the place he's staying at and got a kick out of seeing himself on TV.  Pretty big deal for a hick from Maine.   He's only here five nights so it was great timing for the big conservative that he is.   It was quite an experience for one, like my Dad, who watches FOX news religiously.  I learned a long time ago NOT to call him during certain periods of the day.  Let's see there's the Beck time, the O'Reilly time and the Hannity time.  I can call anytime just not during those specific times and our relationship will be just fine. 

Sean spoke at my son's college graduation at Liberty way back in 2005.  He was personable then and still is today.  He spent quite a bit of time shaking hands, hugging people and just shooting the breeze.  I saw him sign one guy's shirt.  I guess Sean really likes driving around in a golf cart.  Welcome to the club!  My dad is like a little kid driving around in his rental cart getting lost and loving it. 

There was not nearly any comparison to the crowds that Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck brought in though.  I was expecting alot more people to come out.  There were still quite a few but not the gazillions that I've been used to lately that show up to these things. 

There were, of course, lots of signs held up here and there.  Crowd pleasing signs for sure.  But someone showed up with two, "looking for trouble" signs.  One said "Fox Sucks!"  Another said "Hannity lies." 

He didn't stick around long someone said.  His feelings must have been hurt when people were booing him. 

Thanks Sean for coming to my neck of the woods.  It was a pleasure meeting you! 





on Apr 14, 2010

He's a momma's boy!

But he is still entertaining.

on Apr 14, 2010

Is he?  I actually don't watch him because I don't get Fox News.  But there were some here that absolutely love him to pieces by the looks of it. 

As far as my dad goes I'd say his favorite is O'Reilly but Beck's a close second.  He's actually worried about Beck because he fears for Beck's life because of the things he says. 

on Apr 14, 2010

Pretty cool. Wouldn't mind meeting him myself someday. I am not muh of a crowd person so I probably will never get to meet him but you never know.

on Apr 14, 2010

well it wasn't that bad.   It's getting so we're getting all the conservatives here now.  It's getting to be the place to come they're saying. 

He spent the whole day here.   After he did his three hour radio broadcast and then his one hour TV broadcast he went over to the bookstore and signed books.  He must have had a long day.  I was wondering how he could do all this everyday and where his material comes from. 

on Apr 15, 2010

I'd have liked meeting Dana Perino, smart and hot.

on Apr 15, 2010

I do not know if Hannity is a momma's boy, that was just trash talk to get your goat.  But he does seem to be a ladies man as he often gets comments from women about how cute he is (I do not watch, just listen to his show on occasion).

on Apr 25, 2010

Trying to get my goat eh?  I keep it tied up pretty well these days.   

As far as news talk shows go, he's cuter than most.  I mean look at some of the others.  They may have the brains and the articulation but fall short when it comes to the looks.  So Sean is blessed with both and seems to be making the most of it.