My Town, That is
Published on September 19, 2008 By KFC Kickin For Christ In Republican

The headlines in our local paper were big. 


So today I got my four allowed free tickets and I'll be heading down to the square to see Sarah Palin in person on Sunday.  I heard they are expecting about 30,000 people.  Where in the world are they going to put them?

They're telling us to drive to the square on our golf carts. Parking is going to be a problem.   We are going to do better than that.  We're going to bike.  It's only two miles from our home.  So right now I've got two free tickets extra.  I have two couples in mind and if they don't want them or already have them I'll have to look for another to pass them out. 

There was a rumor after the first announcement saying she cancelled because of weather.  But that was cleared up the next day with the announcment that it was a go despite the rumors to the contrary. 

One thing's for sure.  Whereever Sarah Palin is the rumors seem to follow her.  I wonder, if she does get elected, if this will be an ongoing problem?  I hope not.  Enough is enough. 

So I guess my Sunday is planned as I hope to get down there early  enough to get a good place.   




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