Sex is In...Faith is Out
Published on February 4, 2011 By KFC Kickin For Christ In Politics

I have a friend here who served honorably for 21 years in the Air Force.   He is now a Pastor and sound guy for our weekly bible studies.   I've had the privilege to sit under his teaching a few times when he's filled in for our regular bible teacher and author Marv Rosenthal.   He's a wonderful expositor and what we'd typically say a "salt of the earth" type of guy.  He loves God and he loves people even if it means telling them the truth.   

In the past he's spoken highly of his military experience and career but not anymore.  He said recently, in lieu of what's happening in the services he can no longer speak in such a positive light considering new policies surrounding the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" that has recently been rescinded.

In all of his years of duty he was reprimanded only twice and both times for speaking positively about his faith.  Other than that he had a spotless record.  But many others now may not be so lucky, even facing discharge for standing up in what they believe to be honorable and true. 

The Obama Administration has begun working on new policies regarding this issue.  It basically comes down to the fact that Chaplains can either quit or reconcile with homosexual sin... basically saying "deal with it." 

In a letter to Stars and Stripes recently Lt. Col Maxey, a career army officer took a stand and wrote this:

"So let me see if I understand this: The Defense Department is proposing to let people who choose to live a homosexual lifestyle serve 'openly' in the armed forces, but won’t allow Christians such as myself the freedom to 'openly' share the good news of Christ with our co-workers — as the faith we’ve chosen requires? 

"DOD officials plan to tell servicemembers who have a problem with those living a homosexual lifestyle to 'learn to deal with it,' but they are prepared to counsel and/or slap Christians with paperwork if someone feels “offended” by our witness? Wearing sexual lifestyle choices on your sleeve is OK, but not your faith? 

"Military chaplains who teach that homosexuality is antithetical to and incompatible with Christianity (which it is) can either muzzle their objections or 'leave,' but gays will be permitted to parade their lifestyle choices in front of all? 

"Bottom line: So I’m free to express myself if I’m a homosexual, but not if I’m a Christian? What disgraceful hypocrisy.

"Here’s the truth: I will continue to witness to who I want, when I want and where I want. My commitment to my God supersedes my commitment to the DOD and, if officials are upset about that, then I guess they can 'learn to deal with it.' 

"Department of Defense? More like the Department of Double Standards." 

                          --Lt. Col. Stacy L. Maxey,Afghanistan 

Like I said, quite a long time ago now...the closet has been opened.  The homosexuals are out and the Christians are being told to get in and shut the door.    Are we going to do this or are we going to take a stand and say no? 



on Feb 05, 2011

Good article KFC.

My hat is off to Lt. Col. Maxey. He's telling the truth.

The homosexuals are out and the Christians are being told to get in and shut the door.

You have just defined the ultimate goal of the homosexual movement.

The homosexualization of America has been happening now for some time. It started when states pass their "non-discrimination based on sexual orientation" laws...aka so called "gay rights".


on Feb 06, 2011

Thanks Lula.  I'm guessing it won't be long before Maxey is discharged.  It's too bad but that's where we're going here.  Can't say we haven't been warned.  Scripture says in the last days good would become evil and evil would become good.  It sure is something when you can speak about sexual behaviors but not Godly behaviors.