Maybe They Can Use Them For Water Balloons?
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Condoms for little kids?  Elementary school kids?  Are you kidding me?  First graders? 

Then I looked and saw it said Provincetown, MA.

Well that makes total sense.   My in-laws are from MA.  That's one town my father in law said years ago (before he died) he wouldn't visit because it's been taken over by the homosexual community.  I mean...really taken over.   Too bad because it's right on the ocean and a beautiful little town (from what I've heard).   He wasn't much into visiting Sodom. 

I know, I know... that's not politically correct.  Well he wasn't PC and I've never claimed to be too PC either .  The older I get the less PC I seem to be.  I'm very out of touch.   But there's a part of New Orleans I wouldn't visit either and it has more to do with prostitution and just outright lewd behavior; not necessarily homosexuality. 

Since when is it the taxpayer's responsibility to furnish condoms for elementary kids?  As far as I know the parents always had to furnish school supplies like lunch boxes, pens, folders, notebooks, calculators etc.  Why all of a sudden is it ok for the school to supply condoms?   Why not supply pencils?  Folders? 

My kids always brought home a list of supplies they would need for the school year.  We would go out and purchase them at our own expense.   It was always a big deal because they needed what the teacher was requesting.  Do they need condoms in first grade now?  Since when?  Some of these kids are still wetting their pants if they don't make it to the bathroom in time.  *shakes head*  Makes no sense to me.  I need to be enlightened. 

Maybe the school should put condoms on the  suggested list the kids bring home instead of handing them out willy nilly?    Let the parents decide.  My guess is most of the first graders, second graders or even third graders either won't be able to read the word on the list or even understand what it means if they did. 

Good grief!



on Jun 25, 2010

oh and boys still think that girls have cooties in third grade! 

on Jun 25, 2010

The parents are not objecting.  That appears to be their right, stupid as it is.  In a few years, they will wonder why Johnny Cant read, but he can be a daddy (or Suzy the mommy).

on Jun 25, 2010

well the world is totally out of order.  Men are out of order.  Women are out of order.  Children are out of order. 

From my POV and my Christian bias, of course I have to say we need to start reading the manual (of course you know which book I mean) and get ourselves back in order! 

If all else fails, we need to read the directions.