I love the heat.  I love the sunshine.  I love to see green grass for more than half the year. When I lived in New England, I would have the worst case of cabin fever around February-March.  I couldn't stand it. 

It's all a distant memory now.  While I still love New England and still consider it home in many ways, I love my new adopted state so much.  It's not fun running in the humidity,  but it's not as bad as running in snow. 

I love the fact I can run all year long and not worry about ice and snow and sleet and hail.  I love the fact that after the snowbirds leave we practically have the whole place to ourselves.  It's like when the cat's away, the mice can finally play.  It's so crowded down here during Jan-April that it's not even worth bothering to eat out or go to any fun activities and forget trying to see a new release at the movies. 

But now we have the whole summer and fall to ourselves to play pickleball, tennis, swim, etc.  On top of that there's less golf carts to contend with when I'm sweating buckets on the road trying to get my mileage in. 

Today I learned a few new sports when a couple of friends and I went to a newly opened sport's pool where they introduced the neighborhood to the activities that will be happening there.  I think they do this at every grand opening of a pool.  They mentioned there are either 51 pools now or there will be by the time they're done.

First we got into the pool and had an intro to Pool Zumba.  Then another lady instructor came over and gave her demo working with us doing water aerobics.  Last we had an instructor speak about his passion which was water volleyball.  He said he's been coaching and playing this sport for over 40 years and by looking at him, and seeing how fit he looked, I believed it. 

I figured out really quickly that pool Zumba wasn't my thing.  Water Aerobics was fun and I knew I could like this.  I liked the fact that she used weights in the pool working the upper body. 

But the most fun I've had in a while was playing water volleyball.  While we were there watching we spoke to one of the ladies who participates in this sport on a very regular basis.  She said she went from being a bar hopper to a pool hopper.  By looking at her very sun-tanned skin I didn't doubt that.  She goes from pool to pool, from rec center to rec center looking for the next game. 

I used to play volleyball on the court in High School and here and there growing up so I had basic knowledge of the sport and after picking up a few modifications to the game today, because water volleyball is slightly different, I got the hang of it and had a blast. 

One of my friends and I were invited to join the 10 others, already in the water, who were the demonstrators.  One side took her, the other me.  They were very helpful and instructive.  I took to the sport quite easily and had no problem fitting in.  We played for about a half hour or so and only stopped when I overextended my leg and got a calf pull as a result.  I hate that. 

While I was drying off my friend and I spoke to the head instructor.  He said he was watching my friend and I. He said he would have me bypass the beginner level and put me right into the intermediate level.  He told her she would have to go to the beginner class first which she knew already.  She was having trouble hitting the ball properly and tended to throw the ball down into the water instead of up into the air.   I told him I'd love to start playing right away and he said he'd love to have me get involved right away. 

So now with a few new activities to keep me busy, this summer is sure to be even more of a blast than it has been.  I've got a sure way to beat the heat by playing in the pool. The best thing is I really felt like I had a workout without even realizing it at the time.  Unlike running which is very strenuous and more work than pleasure, this was alot of fun and much more social than running is.   And maybe by the time the snowbirds come back I can really give them a game. 






on May 22, 2010

Your title gave me a double take! But when I saw you were the author KFC, I knew it was safe for family viewing.

on May 24, 2010

The best way to beat the heat is to stay indoors and have a cold drink.  I'm not big on being under the sun; odd considering I live in Florida. I like water even less, I end up with nightmares every time I go to the beach or a river. Nope, I would rather go to a pool on a cloudy (not rainy) day or stay home in my A/C.

on May 24, 2010

But Chuck you have all those nice cool springs in Florida, like Rainbow River.

on May 24, 2010

If you have ever flown into Miami, one thing you notice is that almost every house has a backyard pool!  I guess the natives shun the beaches as too touristy.  And when you have to pay those prices for a house, a pool is cheap!  So there are a lot of pool sports that people get good at down there.

on May 31, 2010

Your title gave me a double take! But when I saw you were the author KFC, I knew it was safe for family viewing

Gee I can't even imagine how it would be thought of otherwise!  Anyhow I'm glad KFC and family viewing come into mind at the same time. 

It doesn't pay for us to have a pool when we have access to so many down here.  We have sports pools, family pools and neighborhood pools to choose from.  We like the sports pools best because most of the time we have the very large pool to ourselves as they are intended to use as a workout or exercise pool.    The neighborhood pools are where all the neighbors go to sit and gossip.  They tend to be very crowded with people who just go in to sit and talk.  We stay away from those pools.  And the family pools are for those with visiting kids as the kids are not allowed to use the other two types of pools. 

From my house I have at least 10 pools within a four mile radius of my home.  Four are within one mile.  We have two sports pools two miles away in either direction with another four miles away. 

What kills me is there are still people here with inground pools.  I've even seen a house with a pool with a brand new rec pool within a few feet of their home.  They could just walk about 20 feet and jump in the pool without having to service it never mind the expense of having one. 


on Jun 10, 2010

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