And It Wasn't Bad!
Published on April 24, 2010 By KFC Kickin For Christ In Blogging

Well maybe not a whole one, but I did have alligator today for the first time ever. 

I wasn't sure what to expect but decided to give it a try since I've never eaten anything "odd" before.  I had a chance back in Montana years and years ago to eat buffalo but I balked at it.  To me, a New Englander born and bred, eating an alligator or a buffalo (even in the form of a burger) would be considered odd.  Funny since eating a bright red lobster or a steamed clam dipped in butter isn't odd in the least. 

Go figure. 

Anyhow at the fish fry we attended today there was catfish, talipia and gator among all the salads and vegetables.  By the time we made it to the "trough" there were only a few pieces of gator left but more than plenty of the other fish.  So I said, "I hope it's better than the boiled peanuts everyone loves down here," which I think are just plain gross, and put a couple of pieces of gator on my plate. 

Turns out it was pretty good.  If I didn't know any better I would have thought I was eating KFC.  You know the chicken place?  Tasted alot like fried chicken to me. 

So what's the weirdest thing you ever ate?  Pigs feet?  Frog's legs?  Eggs and Matza?  Do tell! 





on Apr 25, 2010

Good morning KFC,

long time since I was here,  missed you.

  Gator huh?  Ya  it does taste like chicken,   I've eaten delicious bear steak,  was bbq! yum

That and squirrel meat,  rabbits,  venison,  however it WAS the gator that struck me as being the most different!  Frog legs taste like chicken too.

Boiled peanuts???  wow,  now THAT'S odd!  lol

on Apr 25, 2010

Nice to see you as well Trudy.   Hope all is well with you and yours. 

Bear steak?  Isn't bear fatty and oily? 

I've heard that people in the past ate squirrels but didn't think they still did.  I can't even imagine or go there.  To me that's like eating a rat.  ugh!

The boiled peanuts were nasty.  Everyone was watching my face as I ate my first one and I guess it must have been worth it because they all cracked up as I swallowed my first boiled peanut.  Gross!   It's like eating soggy peanuts basically.  Not sure why they would go and ruin a good raw peanut like that but they seem to have an affinity for it down here for some odd reason. 


on Apr 26, 2010 garlic flavored pencil erasers.  C-rations...who knows?  I do know this...the Spiced Beef C-ration smelled EXACTLY like Alpo Horsemeat we fed our dog.  And by the way, Horse.  And a number of mystery foods from my least favorite Oriental stopover.  I am mostly a meat and taters guy, nowdays.

on Apr 26, 2010

Why does everything taste like chicken?  Maybe Chicken does not taste like chicken, but tastes like Alligator?

Never had Alligator, but I have had frogs, snails, raw oysters and ostrich too!  There are somethings I will not eat (I read about them), but most stuff I will try at least once.

on Apr 26, 2010

Growing up in the South, we ate whatever we hunted, be it deer, rabbit or squirrel. Raised to respect the land, and appreciate anything you bring home.

That being said, a friend once fixed rattlesnake, and eel. I enjoyed the rattlesnake, but the eel tasted like calamari. Tough and rubbery.

I wonder what we would compare meat to if we didn't have chicken?

on Apr 26, 2010

I enjoyed the rattlesnake, but the eel tasted like calamari. Tough and rubbery.

I forgot rattlesnake (tastes better than chicken!), but I have never had eel.  But I do love calamari!

on Apr 26, 2010

I've eatten all types of insects (some not willingly).  Chicken's feet, cow's tongue, cow's intestine and yeah I won't say anything more.  I lived in foreign countries, so its not like I ran out to try some of those.

on Apr 27, 2010

Chicken's feet, cow's tongue, cow's intestine and yeah I won't say anything more. I lived in foreign countries,

You do not have to live in a foreign country to enjoy those!  Cow's tongue?  I grew up on it (tastes like corn Beef - NOT chicken!).  chicken feet - check out the local Mongolian restaurant.  Cow's Intestine - Tripas!

on Apr 27, 2010

you're all making eating Alligator quite tame now. 

Cow's intestine?  Tongue? chicken feet?  and bugs?  I can't stand bugs forget about eating them so I certainly would have no desire to be so intimate with a bug that I'd swallow one on purpse!   ewwwwww

on Apr 27, 2010

try Cow's tongue!  really.  You can find it at most stores, and when prepared correctly it is very tasty.  just don't think about where it was when the cow was using it!

on Apr 27, 2010

And try not to think about what the cow uses it for !

on Apr 29, 2010

I don't have to's just NOT gunna happen.  Nope.   There's just no way a cow's tongue is going past these lips.  One tongue in one mouth does enough damage.  Two is just overkill. 

on Apr 29, 2010

KFC Kickin For Christ
One tongue in one mouth does enough damage. 

I had a great zinger, but not for a family friendly blog.