How many remember Ray Stevens?  Have you seen his latest song on Obama Care?  It's spreading like wildfire!  I especially like the part to Nancy Pelosi on doing the hokey pokey. 


Check it out!

on Dec 30, 2009

Obama is in there until 2012 (god save the nation if bu-bu-biden gets in the oval office), as are some of the senators.  Or so they think.  Ben nelson was elected in 06 with 64% of the vote.  IN a poll released this week, he is trailing an opponent by 31% and only 17% of the cornhuskers like the bribe he got.  I suspect that Dorgan, Baucus, Landrieu and Lincoln have similar negatives.  And most states allow recalls.

Obama may be losing his majority before the ink is dry.  We can only hope, and then just allow him to make his enemies lists and tell everyone what a good boy he is.  But nothing else.