Wake Up!
Published on November 5, 2009 By KFC Kickin For Christ In Religion

I've noticed the last few months that there's been a renewed interest in the end times or some say "end of the world."  I've noticed this not only in the preachers preaching from the pulpit but also in the in the form of entertainment such as TV movies and movies playing at the theaters.   Included in all this is the talk about 2012 being the end of the world with a movie coming out about that as well. 

For some of us the end of our world could be tomorrow.  The question for each of us is, are we ready?  If tomorrow was your last day, how would you live it? 

Here's something I read recently from Adrian Rogers to the church regarding that subject.  I agree that the church for the most part has not heeded the warnings about staying alert, not falling asleep and to beware. The church is snoring badly these days and sleeping quite soundly just like Peter and John the night Christ was arrested.  They don't sense any imminent danger.  

Of course, Adrian has now gone on to eternity and is living in the land of the living.  Lucky guy!  I can't wait to see what he's seeing now. 

Do you know what Napoleon said about China? “There lies a sleeping giant, and let him sleep, because if he awakens, he will shake the world.” I believe the devil says that about the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. And I believe the church is just that—a sleeping giant. We’re asleep because we’ve been chloroformed by the spirit of this age.  We’re bombarded on every side by all kinds of amusement. Do you know what “amuse” means? It’s a combination of two words. “Muse” means to think, and the alpha prefix in front of it means “not to.” We are a generation that is “a-musing” ourselves into oblivion. And it’s time to wake up!

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