Going to the Altar
Published on January 10, 2009 By KFC Kickin For Christ In Marriage

Another Son.  Another wedding.  This one would be a New Year's wedding. 

This is the last son to be wed!  Thank God!  We've had three weddings in under three years in three different states and now the last son, who just happens to be the eldest, walked the aisle in Kentucky.  Their father officiated in all three weddings and was pleased as punch to be able to do so. 

The next wedding won't be for a while until Ethan is old enough and since he's only two we've got a ways before this happens.  Or if going by our family history, Troy will be the first one as he's the youngest (so far). 

Our little family of five has now doubled to ten in just under a few years. 

This wedding was at a very pretty new church all decked out with Christmas greenery, white lights and beautiful pointsettias.  Ethan was the ring bearer although I'm not sure he really bore any rings!  He saw me sitting in the front row and made a beeline for me running down the center aisle with his father following close behind. 

I don't know if any wedding goes off without a hitch and there were some hitches in this one including the bridesmaid who felt faint and took herself off the stage to sit down in the front row in the middle of the ceremony.  I thought it was kind of funny but had no idea what was going on. I guess she felt like vomiting which is a good reason to get off that stage in a hurry.   One of the groomsmen totally looked stoned although he wasn't.  He hadn't slept in 24 hours and had driven three hours after working the night shift. 

Then during the reception the carefully selected music by the groom for the slideshow wouldn't work so the powerpoint presentation was done with a subsititute strumming of a guitar provided by the sound guy after many anxious moments in trying to get the whole thing working. 

Before that we had a novice announcer announcing tables to get up to eat before the head table even showed up.  To me he didn't look old enough to have graduated High School.    By the time the head table entered we all were eating our meals with the bride's father leading the way.   I heard him say on the way up that he wasn't waiting.  He was hungry! 

We had a very busy action packed three days while we were there.  More than once all ten of us were crowded in our small hotel room.  Two of the three nights we had sleep over company including two little babies on one of the nights along with their parents of course. 

We had so much fun in seeing each other we promised to try and schedule out a week in June to do this all over again.  Well not the wedding thing, of course, but the getting together as a family.   So now we're thinking of going to the OH/KY area and finding some things to do together there.  Of course the Creation Museum will be a must since more than half of us haven't been there yet. 

Weddings are nice but so stressful.  The bride and groom, happy it's all behind them, are now vacationing in Orlando for their honeymoon.  Last night they popped in for a nice home cooked meal.  By the looks of the both of them you wouldn't think they've eaten all week.  They head to KY to start their new life together tomorrow.

I guess when you're young, in love and honeymooning love is all you need!




on Jan 10, 2009

Aaaaaaaaaaw... congratulations, Bobby and Courtney! Looks like such a fun day, in spite of the glitches. Vacationing in OH/KY? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... you're supposed to come HERE!

Give my love to your dh... miss you guys! Love you!

on Jan 10, 2009

aaaaaaw shucks HC you came in before I edited for all my spelling mishaps! 

I've got an idea!!!  Why don't you meet us in KY and go with us......the more the merrier!  The Creation Museum is a must.  The Cincinnati Zoo is also on our list.  Noah would love it.  Noah's Ark is hands on for the kids also. 


on Jan 12, 2009

Congrats on getting the last one tied down.