I have questions.  These questions are about Obama.  Last night I watched 20/20 and they answered a few of them for me but I still have more.  I wonder why they didn't mention his brother George living in a slum in Africa?  Totally skipped it. They mentioned Michelle Obama's sibling but not Obama's.  How come?  In fact I think they spent more time on Michelle's past than they did his, at least when it came to his family. 

A Real Estate Agent friend from VA wrote me yesterday and told me she was in the Senate Building the day Obama first took his oath of office.  She had gone there to see her VA congressmen sworn in in 05.   While there  she heard a commotion in the Senate hall.  She turned to see a very large swarm of reporters all around Obama and couldn't figure out why.  She knew who he was  because she follows politics quite closely but most of America did not and was wondering what all the fuss was about. 

She said there were some higher ranking more famous senators milling about and they had no such attention thrust upon them.  Bizarre!    What has Barack Obama done to deserve to be President?  What did he do to deserve to have a couple of books written about him already?  Who paid for his Harvard education?  I mean his father didn't have any money and his mother was a poor white girl from Kansas.  So who footed the bill?   These are just some questions I'd like answers to.  Does anyone know? 


on Oct 04, 2008

Who paid for his Harvard education?

Probably the same way I'm paying for my education.  Scholarships and loans. 

As for books...well, I haven't the faintest idea.  I thought it was kind of hard to get a book deal...especially about someone who hasn't really been famous for anything.


on Oct 05, 2008

Scholarships and loans.

not neccessarily...he could've got a full ride (which is what I'm wondering).   I've seen minorities get in full ride not paying a penny while I watched my kids, top students, have to do the scholarship and loan route as well. 

I'm thinking (as far as the books and swarms of reporters) that quite possibly Obama has been on the radar for quite some time and has been pretty much hand selected or primed for just this moment in time.  That's why to us he came out of nowhere but his books were to allow us some insight into his beliefs and past before he made this final push to the highest seat in the nation totally upsetting what should have been Hillary's place and by all accounts totally took her by complete surprise. 



on Oct 06, 2008

He did have some loanse.  Supposedly he paid them off during the time he was a "Community Organizer".  At least, this is what I've heard from the press, but I didn't do much digging into this myself.

on Oct 07, 2008

Supposedly he paid them off during the time he was a "Community Organizer". At least, this is what I've heard from the press

"community Organiser" pays better than it did for Jesus (he only got fishes and loaves).