According to the Dems
Published on September 12, 2008 By KFC Kickin For Christ In Democrat

The Liberals seem to forget.  It's McCain who is running for President against Obama.  It's not Palin running against Obama. 

Did you hear the latest comparison between Obama and Palin?  Remember during her speech Palin described Obama as a "community organizer?"  Well it took a while but the Dems have come up with what they think is a clever comparison using her words against her. 

My friend from NH called last night.  She was watching Entertainment Tonight and heard one the the "movie stars" interviewed say, with the sting of the words "community organizer" still lingering in her ears, that Jesus was an organizer and Pilate was a Governor.

I laughed.  I thought it clever at first until I thought about it.   Jesus said he did not come to unite but divide.  He came NOT to bring peace but a sword. 

Then today I got a news brief that said this comparison originated with Steve Cohen (D-Tennessee) on the House Floor Wednesday.   He compared his presidential nominee to Christ. 

Then I thought, they are really thinking that Obama is the Messiah.  Really.  They believe it.  What do they even know about Christ to make such a comparison? 

Maybe there is some truth behind this.....if so, fasten your seatbelts because this Messiah is an imposter. 


on Sep 12, 2008

Pilate was a governor! But Jesus was not a senator.  Brutus was a senator.  is Obama the new Brutus?

on Sep 12, 2008

Jesus was NOT a politician by any stretch. 

Brutus was a senator?  Really?  Ok.  That sounds more realistic to me. 


on Sep 12, 2008

The Obama messiah comparisons have been going on forever.  Just type Obama messiah into the google image search and you will find pictures of Obama backlit, with a halo, as a saint, as an angel, in stained glass etc.  At some point, his followers will discover his feet of clay. 

Obama brings this on himself by saying when recieved the nomination the oceans began to recede and the earth began to heal.  That's pretty powerful for a politician. 

on Sep 12, 2008

The question is not whether or not the political lingo applies. Is Obama even near infinitesimal comparison to Jesus?

on Sep 19, 2008

It's not Palin running against Obama.

I think the Obama campaign saw how adding Palin to the ticket really energised the right.  Their strategy is to use clever words and comments to fight the conservative movement so they can disract voters from seeing the real issues.