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After studying Israel's history for years I have to say I believe, if nothing else, their survival is the greatest single testament to the bible being what it claims to be.  The word of God filtered thru the eyes and ears of man is truly an inspired document.  

If any people group was destined to die out, surely the Jews, who were the most persecuted of all men,nearly killed off many times, would be the people group to put your money on for not making it.

But they did.  And they flourished despite man's opposition and Satan's hatred of them. They managed to stay alive and become what I call pall bearers to all of their enemies' funerals.  They are alive still today because God promised there would always be a remnant left to call his own. 

I wanted to finsih where I left off with Part 1 going into WWI and the Balfour Declaration.  Lord Balfour was a bible belieivng Christian and looked in favor on a homeland for the Jews who at this time were still dispersed.  This was during the days of Lawrence of Arabia. 

This Declaration was a formal policy by the British Goverment under Lord Balfour partioning what had been the Ottoman Empire's land after WW1.  This territory now under British control and was being considered to be partioned off to make a Zionist State. 

During the time of WWI a man called Abdoullah who came from the direct line of Mohummed from Saudi Arabia entered the picture.  Abdoullah, in a conflict with the Royal Family left his home and with his tribe of Bedouins helped the British fight the Turkish Empire to victory  Much credit was given to Abdoullah and his tribe for the defeat of the Turks.  When all was said and done the British now had control over what we know today as Syria, Israel, Jordan and Lebanon.   Abdoullah and his tribe were awarded 55% of the land which they formed into the country Jordan today.  Jordan was not an ancient land.  There was no Jordan until 1917 when King Abdoullah made it so. 

So with 45% of the land left Lord Balfour looked with favor to establish a homeland for the Jews.  Five years later in 1922 the League of Nations drew up a mandate allowing Great Britian the right to go ahead with this. 

 Well of course there was opposition with the Arabs very alarmed and the support for a Zionist State began to wane.  And the British Public and Government were starting to lose interest.  Winston Churchill, a supporter of the Zionists wrote ths in 1923: 

In both Houses of Parliament there is growing movement of hostility, against Zionist policy in Palestine, which will be stimulated by recent Northcliffe articles. I do not attach undue importance to this movement, but it is increasingly difficult to meet the argument that it is unfair to ask the British taxpayer, already overwhelmed with taxation, to bear the cost of imposing on Palestine an unpopular policy

One can only wonder if  the Balfour Declaration  written up in 1917  went through as hoped, and if Winston Churchill was listened to, would we even have the history of the Holocaust?  Once again, the Jews were left continuing to be aliens in their adopted countries for yet a little while longer. 

So nothing happened....1922,23,24.........25, 28.....and then in 1933 Hitler came to power.  He slowly turned up the flame of persecution.  It was slow at first.  The Jews tried to flee.  Austrailia, Canada, The States and were met with the same words...."sorry we have exceeded our quotas." 

In desparation some crossed the Mediterranean to a malaria infested Palastine.  They had no choice but to stay in these sickly villages.  In 1938 the League of Nations tried to bring in peace to the Arabs and the Jews which were not many in number at this time in Palestine.  The Peale Commission drew a line to include both populations to secure both nations, an Arab State and A Jewish State.  Nothing was acted upon and WWII went into full swing. 

After the war the question was asked....what are we going to do with the Jewish Survivors?  A  loaded ship called the Exodus fully loaded with over 4,000 Jews made it's way across the Mediterranean to be met by the British patrolling the area.  Alot ensued during this time including the threat of blowing themselves up or starving themselves aboard the ship throwing bodies overboard as death would follow.  Media was beginning to take notice and an outcry of sympathy rose up all across the world for these displaced Jews.    Later on a movie came out called The Exodus starring Paul Newman of which I have a copy. 

The next person in God's Sovereign Plan?   Harry Truman.  How and why did he change his mind? 

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