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June 11, 2010 by KFC Kickin For Christ
We make it a point NOT to get sucked into spending our hard-earned dollars on these extended warranties.  We know quite well they are pushed for good reason.  They make good money for the one's pushing them.  Most of the time whatever you've purchased has a warranty attached for a year or two anyhow. 

We bought a Hyundai because it has a 10 year warranty, the best out there for cars.  No extra extended warranty needed.   Who knows if we'll even have the car ...
June 8, 2010 by KFC Kickin For Christ
I've seen death before.  I've known tragedy.  Who hasn't?  My personal life has been largely untouched by death in that I've not had any close relatives leave me yet, but I know it's coming eventually and I'm not sure how I'll handle it.  My parents and brothers and their families are still alive.  My grandmother speaks of death almost everytime I speak to her now.  She's ready to go and because of her advanced age, I will be ready to accept it when i...
May 17, 2010 by KFC Kickin For Christ
I would guess that almost everyone has had a possession or two stolen by someone who had no business taking it whether it be a stolen wallet, purse, something in their car or their home.

We've all been there.  When this happens depending on the item(s) it can be a very violating experience.  How dare someone take something of mine they had no right even touching?   

When my husband and I were building our first home we had a whole pallet of roof shingles ...
April 24, 2010 by KFC Kickin For Christ
Well maybe not a whole one, but I did have alligator today for the first time ever. 

I wasn't sure what to expect but decided to give it a try since I've never eaten anything "odd" before.  I had a chance back in Montana years and years ago to eat buffalo but I balked at it.  To me, a New Englander born and bred, eating an alligator or a buffalo (even in the form of a burger) would be considered odd.  Funny since eating a bright red lobster or a steamed clam dipp...
April 2, 2010 by KFC Kickin For Christ
They say confession is good for the soul.  I'm feeling really guilty so I must confess. 

All kinds of things come to mind now.  The thought that it really isn't that bad comes and goes along with the thought that I can't believe I sabtotaged myself like that.  I've been doing so well and this happened.  Why can't I just be good?  Why do I do what I don't want to do and do what I shouldn't do? 

I am flawed.  That's the only human explanation.&nbs...
February 27, 2010 by KFC Kickin For Christ
I have a friend who loves to go to garage sales.  I can take them or leave them but do have an interesting time looking around when we go out.  Some days are good and we come home with some "bargains and treasures" and other days not so much.  One thing's for sure, we do meet some interesting people along the way.

Today not only did we grab a few things on the cheap side we also had an interesting discussion with one lady selling her wares in her very crowded garage.&...
February 4, 2010 by KFC Kickin For Christ
So it looks like the abstinence-only crowd was right after all. 

An experimental abstinence-only program can delay teens from having sex according to a new scientific study done over the course of the last two years.  This is the first rigorous research done showing success with an abstinence only approach.  This study helped sixth and seventh graders list the pros and cons to early sexual behavior among other assignments attached to the program. 

January 4, 2010 by KFC Kickin For Christ
Lately the subject of patience has come up.  I've been noticing for quite some time how extinct this virtue has become in our day.  People are hurrying too and fro not taking the time to really enjoy or even to help each other. 

I was listening to the radio the other day when a caller called in commenting on how he sat outside a Walmart just to people watch.  His observation led him to the conclusion that people are just so busy doing and rushing around...
November 26, 2009 by KFC Kickin For Christ
My bags are packed and I'm ready to go. 

I just finished my last run in sunny warm Florida (actually cool today) until I return from Ohio where I'll be met with freezing temps from what I've heard.  I'll be flying into OHIO tonight to help care for my two baby grandsons while my daughter in love...has her third baby.  Hopefully...this time a girl but if not...there's always next time!!

I packed the pink/white Nikes because I think this third time will be the charm and I...
November 6, 2009 by KFC Kickin For Christ
My heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to the many families who are hurting this morning as a result of what happened yesterday at Fort Hood.  Twelve young lives are gone in a blink of an instant all because of the hands of another.  Another who was one of them.  He ate with them, worked alongside them and slept with them and then he betrayed them by taking their lives. 

Nothing to me is so devastating as betrayal.  In this case, be...
October 21, 2009 by KFC Kickin For Christ
Before we left for Monday night's dance lessons my husband remarked that the best thing about this night was that it was "three down with three to go." 

Now, that was ugly. 

He says things like that but I really do believe he likes it although at times I'm not entirely sure.  I'm thoroughly enjoying our Monday nights having gotten over the frustration and jitters of the first night. 

We actually did quite well.  I made a comment to him during one of the les...
October 13, 2009 by KFC Kickin For Christ
Ballroom dancing is progressing.  We had lesson #2 last night.  First we went over last week's lesson as an overview and realized we were practicing the rumba wrong.  When we finally got that straightened out, we were actually feeling good about our dancing for the first time since we started dance lessons.  Still have gads to learn though. 

Instead of hearing from the lips of my frustrated husband "you owe me big time for this"  I heard this week,...
October 8, 2009 by KFC Kickin For Christ
A few months ago I brought up the topic of ballroom dance lessons to my husband.  Would he be interested?  Would he enjoy it?  Would he commit to maybe a six week period and see it through? 

He seemed agreeable.  When we were much younger, and before kids, we used to go out to the bars (yes bars) and go dancing.  Of course it wasn't anything fancy like ballroom but we would do the traditional waltz and shakes on the dance floor with no thought of f...
September 23, 2009 by KFC Kickin For Christ
I saw an interview with Patrick Swayze before he died.  He said "the only thing you can take with you when you die is love."  Very perceptive.  Sometimes it takes a close call with death to understand truly what is important in life. 

My husband came home the other day and said the IRS is getting brutal, more than usual, in accepting deductions.  I guess one lady donated about $10K worth of clothing and supplies to victims of a 2006 hurricane and the IRS rejected her ...
September 19, 2009 by KFC Kickin For Christ
Totally.  Frustrating.  I screwed up big time.  I could kick myself.  I was NOT a happy camper. 

I ran a road race today.  It was the first one I've run since January.  Same course.  So my goal was to beat my last time.  The weather here today was humid and much hotter than January so it was a good goal. 

I started off fine.   I was pretty close to goal time for the first mile.  At about a mile and a half, I wasn't ...