I'm Going to Need It
Published on January 4, 2010 By KFC Kickin For Christ In Blogging

Lately the subject of patience has come up.  I've been noticing for quite some time how extinct this virtue has become in our day.  People are hurrying too and fro not taking the time to really enjoy or even to help each other. 

I was listening to the radio the other day when a caller called in commenting on how he sat outside a Walmart just to people watch.  His observation led him to the conclusion that people are just so busy doing and rushing around they're not happy.  He listened and watched as they'd come out of the store.  More than not he heard alot of griping, swearing and just overall not very happy attitudes. 

I saw this last week when I went to the register at an outlet shop.  I had a fair amount of stuff but not overly so and this woman came up behind me just after I got in line.  She made a rude comment to her friend, as she leaned impatiently over her carriage, about how if she only had a couple of things she would just walk out.  Was that for my benefit?  For what?  She just got in line two seconds ago.   I tend to be very quick and organized.  I'm not one of those pokey customers and I'm always conscious of someone in line behind me. 

In this case, the cashier was away helping another customer as I was putting my stuff on the counter.  I put things in order by putting all the quantities together (like the 12 identical glasses I bought) and also by taking all the hangers off the clothing to save time for the cashier.  I fold things and leave the tags exposed to make things a bit easier and quicker for the cashier.  Since I was buying 6 canvas bags I told the cashier just to put all the merchandise in them instead of bagging it in plastic. 

Everything went pretty quickly and efficiently until near the end when I saw that I had grabbed 4  (identical) shower curtains instead of the three that I  wanted.  I asked that he just take one off.  That's when I heard it.  The lady who had, by this time, stood behind me for less than maybe 3-4 minutes let out this loud "for crying out loud"  totally for my benefit.  She wasn't a happy camper from the get go so it had nothing really to do with this one little item that took less than a nano second to clear up.  She seized an opportunity to show how  excessively impatient she really was. 

I looked at the cashier, smiled and just said, "patience is a virtue."  He said nothing.  He probably didn't want to get involved between us two ladies. 

I know as a Christian I'm called to live my faith by responding with grace rather than by giving out grief regardless of the circumstances.  It's easy to act with grace when things are going your way. 

I am called to have patience with difficult people by being slow to anger and then to quickly get rid of it if it happens.  But our culture is telling us just the opposite by its attitude.  They are quick to anger and very slow to get rid of it. 

According to scripture the best way to deal with difficult people is to love them because love suffers long.  Patience or longsuffering is a fruit of the spirit.  As Christians we are to bear sweet fruit.  You know a tree by its fruit. 

We all will face difficult problems and difficult people in our lives but the question is why?  What is the purpose?  I believe it is not to defeat us or to discourage us but to develop us.  Sometimes it takes these difficult times to show us how strong or weak we are in dealing with them.  God's goal for us is maturity because full grown patience makes for full grown Christians. 

Face it.  We live in an instant mashed potato society.  Everyone wants it now.  Maybe that's why we don't garden like we used to.  It takes time to produce that fruit. 

Many times it easier to do wrong than to wait.  We need to be reminded that patience is a bitter plant but it always produces a sweet fruit. 

"Those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint."   Isa 40:31




on Jan 04, 2010

I have to admit that patience is not my strong suit and that it's something I'm constantly working on.   I know I've been frustrated being in line behind very slow and/or unprepared folks (especially at the P.O.) but I've always been able to restrain myself when it came to verbally making rude comments. 

Usually I try to make the most of it or look for a purpose to it.  For instance I'm not sure how many times I've been behind pokey drivers driving either below the speed limit or doing the exact speed limit when I was in a hurry only to pass a cop sitting by the side of the road and then be thanking that driver for being so slow. 


on Jan 04, 2010

was listening on the radio the other day when a caller called in commenting on how he sat outside a Walmart just to people watch. His observation led him to the conclusion that people are just so busy doing and rushing around they're not happy. He listened and watched as they'd come out of the store. More than not he heard alot of griping, swearing and just overall not very happy attitudes.

That's Walmart for you. I use to be a big fan of Walmart but apart from never ending lines, inconsiderate people and the lack of "smiles" at the door as the commercials pretend; Walmart has become a nightmare of a store as they always seem to be either stocking the shelves (so pallets are always everywhere), never have the good products consistently (I find the particular brands of certain items once every month or 2) and the parking lot is more dangerous than crossing a 75 MPH highway.

I too notice how the average person is so concerned with how slow everything seems to be to them (which compared to 5 years ago it's more like going from a Toyota to a Ferrari in reality but) that they spend more time in a bad mood than anything else. I already know what to expect in places like Walmart and other similar stores so I am already mentally prepared for the experience. It's why I avoid crowds as often as possible.

I also try my best to be efficient when I go out, keep cans with cans, cold with cold and do what I can to speed up the cashier process. You know what bites me the most? The people who wait till they get the total before digging into their purses and wallets looking for the money they don't seem to remember they have or the card they can't remember where they put. I also don't mind doing some friendly chat with the cashier but why have the kind of conversation you would normally have over a cup of coffee at a time when everyone else behind you is waiting? Stop talking, pull out the money, pay and go; but no, they talk while looking for the money or the card making the search twice as hard as they can't concentrate on 2 things at the same time.

Our society has tried so hard to make life so much easier that we have basically removed or at least have made less available or noticeable the small things that truly educate us and make us better people not just for the sake of our lives but for those of everyone on the planet. I often wonder (and hope it never happens) what would really happen if mankind experienced a disaster like in the movies "I am Legend", "The Day After Tomorrow" or "Independence Day"? Would we be able to survive and overcome such a disaster or would only a very small portion of our race survive like in the movies? I would hate to see the latter but can;'t help but believe it would be the likely scenario as I just don't see how most people today could live even without light for a few weeks without losing it. And I like in a hurricane prone area and can see how some do what ever they can to enjoy at the least a radio (not necessarily for news) or a TV.

on Jan 05, 2010

the lack of patience extends to all areas of our lives, parking lots, traffic,  Post Offices,banks, stores, and just general interaction with each other on a daily basis. People don't talk on the telephone anymore, they facebook instead. It's like the industrial revolution all over again but the space aged version of it. 

 We are quick to cut short or cut off one another without hardly batting an eyelash.  It's become a new normal way of life.  There's no more sitting on the front porch just having quality time with one another anymore.  There's no more playing board games, writing letters, or reading books like we used to. 

Everything today is at a quick pace.  We have emails, faxes, microwaves, blackberries, etc that give us immediate gratification and attention.  Heck we even get our DVD's in the mail today so we don't have to go down to the corner and stand in line anymore. 

So long to the video stores, the drive-ins, the snail mail and slow cooking Sunday dinners.  Who needs that stuff anymore?  Time is of the essence.  The problem is we've attached some pretty fast paced nasty attitudes to go along with all this. 

I guess I'd be happy stranded on an island with lots of fresh fish/fruit and a boatload of books!  Oh, and maybe I could hook up my computer to the nearest Palm tree while I'm at it... LOL.  

on Jan 06, 2010

How fast is your Internet connection?

on Jan 06, 2010

How fast is your Internet connection?

why do you ask Infidel? 

I was on dial-up for a long time because I was too cheap to pay more money for the DSL.   Even, now I'm not on the fastest nor the highest level of service.  I tend to be middle of the road. 

on Jan 06, 2010

why do you ask Infidel?

Do you think you need to have the fastest connection speed and download speed? I guess you answered.