Prepare to freeze!
Published on November 26, 2009 By KFC Kickin For Christ In Blogging

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go. 

I just finished my last run in sunny warm Florida (actually cool today) until I return from Ohio where I'll be met with freezing temps from what I've heard.  I'll be flying into OHIO tonight to help care for my two baby grandsons while my daughter in love...has her third baby.  Hopefully...this time a girl but if not...there's always next time!!

I packed the pink/white Nikes because I think this third time will be the charm and I want to be prepared. 

My bags are stuffed to overflowing.  Hopefully the plane will be able to lift off.  I don't think I could pack another blessed thing.  Besides new baby gifts, I have a slew of Christmas gifts, wrapping paper and little doo dads for the grandbabies when I get there not to mention warm clothes I haven't worn in ages.  Gotta make it fun for them.  Ethan is already very excited that "Nanny is coming to Ethan's house."  I'm excited because I can actually understand him now that he has many words added to his lingo since I've seen him last. 

We had our thanksgiving turkey yesterday so I could leave the husband with leftovers.  We are also planning on taking plates over to see an older lady I have been friendly with the last year or so.  She's alone this holiday like she was last year.  So we thought we'd bring over three plates and share a little dinner with her complete with Pumpkin Pie and whipped cream. 

And then I'll be off. 

See you soon Ohio-ans! 





on Nov 27, 2009

The flight was nearly empty or maybe half full at best.  Three seats were on either side of the aisle and the two seats next to mine were empty as well as the other three seats in my row.  In front of me and in back of me were only two people each.  I've never been on such an empty flight. 

I got to the house by 11 pm and went to bed after midnight.  Couldn't sleep at all.  Then I heard Ethan crying loudly next to his closed door around 3:30 so I went in and scooped him up.  He looked shocked and started to gibber jabber about Nanny and her birthday because my birthday will be here while I'm visiting.  He then settled down next to me in my bed and we both finally drifted off to sleep only to be awoke around 7 am by the youngest member of the family. 

I'm overtired at the moment getting ready for a good old fashioned nap while the kiddos are taking theirs.  It's cloudy and about 39 degrees here.  I haven't seen this type of cold for a while and am already missing sunny Florida. 

on Nov 27, 2009

Call me!

on Nov 27, 2009

We can have lunch or something while the kids are in school!

on Nov 30, 2009

Thanks for the lunch and great day of hanging out KFC!  I love when you come visit!

on Dec 06, 2009

I love the fact I have a friend here in the area to come and see when I visit my son.  What are we going to do when he moves? 

on Dec 08, 2009

What are we going to do when he moves?

Good question.

Sunny Florida here I come!!! WOO HOO!

(Did I say that out loud?)