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I saw an interview with Patrick Swayze before he died.  He said "the only thing you can take with you when you die is love."  Very perceptive.  Sometimes it takes a close call with death to understand truly what is important in life. 

My husband came home the other day and said the IRS is getting brutal, more than usual, in accepting deductions.  I guess one lady donated about $10K worth of clothing and supplies to victims of a 2006 hurricane and the IRS rejected her deduction.  She had all her slips and everything.  When I asked why so strict, he said because Obama is putting the squeeze on the IRS to make collections to pay for all his pet projects. 

Went to my bible study and was happy to see my teacher was back from his twice a year visit to Israel.  The first thing he said is we need to pray hard for our country.  We are living in a very chaotic and unstable world right now and it's about to get worse. 

He said Jerusalem was the city to pray.  Tel Aviv was the city to play.  The city of Haifa was the city to stay.  Thought that was cute. 

I've been wanting to know the sex of my soon to be born third grandchild.  Saw some very cute "pink" things but dared not go there.  The Pink/White Nikes are still in the closet waiting for the day to be worn. 

My son's 24th birthday is Friday.  The same day is the Muslim call to pray and worship at the Capitol building.  I got him a unique gift that can't be bought in stores.  Well it kind of can, maybe but not this particular one. 

Was reading a parenting book last week and in it they mentioned that to raise children is like having two oars in the water at the same time; one named discipline and the other love.  To have one without the other is to go in circles.  To have one without the other also can be akin to child abuse.  To love without discipline is just as bad as to discipline without love. 

After trying to put Saturday's road race behind me and to forget it I opened up the paper last night and saw a big picture of me running.  Front and center.  Gah!  How can I put the past behind me when it was staring me in the face?   So now I have a viritual reminder to go with my bad memory of what turned out to be not one of my best finishes. 

No matter how little I eat or run for that matter, I still seem to gain weight.  I guess that means I don't have cancer.  While that's a good thing losing weight would also be a good thing.  I think my metabolism is slowing down for the first time in my life. 

I haven't seen any of my kids since May when I was able to see two of them along with their wives and two grandkids.  Bobby and his wife are coming tomorrow so I'm really looking forward to seeing them.  Planning on going to Disney for a day.  Should be fun. 

Perfection.  Some people try really hard bo be perfect.  Some  think to be perfect means to be sinless.  The Greek word for Perfect is "teleios" and means maturing growth.   For example the oak tree is the teleios of an acorn.  So basically it's the acorn perfected or matured.   So if you're feeling a little less than perfect, take a look at an oak tree and see what a little nut can do. 






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