Happy Valentines (Anniversary) To My Husband
Published on February 14, 2009 By KFC Kickin For Christ In Marriage

I got him good.

Yes siree.    He was feeling mighty uncomfortable.  It's hard to do but I managed to pull it off. 

*pats herself on the back*

What did I do? 

I managed to keep a secret (that's pretty good in itself)  for about four weeks to surprise (as in get him good) my husband on Valentine's Day.  It's also our 27th anniversary. 

I hired a Barbershop Quartet to sing to him, hand him a rose, a card and a heart box of candy.  They sang two songs.  One of the songs is "Let Me Call You Sweetheart."  I don't remember what the other one was. 

I got him soooooo good.   Good enough that it's going on Youtube later on.  That's some good! 

See, it's hard to get him.  He's always one step ahead and hard to surprise.  He knows everything.....well most of the time.  The girls at the office get exasperated with him because he's real good at the quips.  He's quick on his feet and gets them everytime.  He always has a good come back and I'm sure they will love to see him get his.

So I called his office (accounting firm) on Wednesday to give them a heads up.  I talked to the office manager and she promised to inform the whole office and keep the secret from him.  She said, since it was on Saturday, the girls in the front office had the day off but she, for one, was coming in to see this herself. 

I think they all showed up today from what I understand.  Nobody was missing this. 

The building is like a maze and he works in a small quiet back office.  They called him to the front to see if he could fix the copier.  When he came up to the front office they were all waiting for him including the four smiling singing guys.  Everybody was waiting for him.

So I get this phone call immediately after it happened. 

Him:  "Hello"

ME:  "You're calling again?"   He had called me on his lunch hour to wish me Happy Anniversary.

HIM:  "Well I just had company.  They sang to me."   

ME:  "I got you good!"

HIM:  "Ya."  He sounded in shock. 

ME:  "I got you soooooo good this time." 

HIM:  "Well I knew something was up when they called me to fix the copier." 

ME:  "Com'on.  You just can't admit it.  Can you?  You are so competitive.  Just admit I got you good!" 

HIM:  Laughing......"Ok, you got me good." 

ME:  "You didn't know did you? You didn't find out?"

HIM:  "No." 

HIM:  "They video taped it.  It's going on Youtube later. " 

ME:  "Good, even better"  I'm thinking I can replay it over and over everytime I want to remember.......





on Feb 14, 2009

   I can just see your quiet, humble husband getting serenaded! hahahaha.

Good job!  That's hilarious.

on Feb 14, 2009


on Feb 15, 2009

he said they did a very nice job singing....so I guess they were good at what they did. 

He also said when he started walking up to the front office and seeing the crowd gathered around his first thought was of me.  He was thinking...... "what's she up to now?"  

Ha!  I so got him good!