Last Son Graduates
Published on March 10, 2008 By KFC Kickin For Christ In Parenting

Leave it to my youngest!  He's always coming up with something new.  His beats are always to a different drummer.  I think I taught him too well. 

He calls and asks if I have his older brother's cap and gown.  Is it that time already?  Wow!  It is.

 It would have to be black.  I don't recall seeing it when we packed so I'm quite sure I don't have it.  He pauses. 

"Well I don't want to spend $97 just to use it one time.  It's way too much money.  I think I'm going to make my own." 

"Make your own?" 

"Yes.  I can go down to the store down the street and buy some fabric and make my own.  No one is going to notice that much.  It's only one day."

So I'm thinking about how Aly's taking all this.  Knowing Aly she's going to be embarrased about David making his own cap and gown.  David has no real talent in this direction so I can only imagine, as I think about how he wraps Christmas presents every year.  Think five year old!   Ha!  I imagine black cloth wrapped all up with safety pins and duct tape. 

This is going to be interesting.  I don't know if he's hinting he wants me to pay for it or not but he's been paying his own bills and such for quite a while now and I'm forking over lots of money for his upcoming wedding while he's not paying a penny.  He always seems to have enough to go out and eat which I'm always reminding him to go to the grocery store instead.   So I told him first to check with his friends from last year to see he can borrow one of theirs.  He liked that idea. Some of these friends are going to be in his wedding. 

He also told me that the guys at the house are so not  too happy about this price either so they are wearing their caps and gowns around the house and even in school!  They are reasoning they want to get their money out of wearing them.  He said it's pretty funny watching them walk around the house with caps and gowns on. 

I think it's a riot.  I can see these goofballs doing this.   This is going to be one fun graduation.  I'm wondering who the speaker is this year.  I haven't heard anything yet. 


on Mar 15, 2008

You gotta love his resourcefulness.  Rather than just paying for something he thinks is outragous, he's even considering taking it upon himself to find a different solution.  You should be a proud mother.  Even if it means that he goes to graduation wearing a black garbage bag and a hat made out of a cereal box.

on Mar 15, 2008
I intended on doing the same when graduating from high school, but they said that if you don't rent the gown (and renting it was for 60 bucka buckas! Renting! I could have made an awesome one for half that) you didn't get to walk, period. No home-made, no-one without, end of story.

We all looked like little robot automatons in our line to get our diplomas. I've never been so depressed at a sight in all my life - it was like watching product roll off the conveyor belt.

Consequently, I'm trying to decide if I'm even going to walk for my undergrad coming up. On the one hand, it's kinda tradition to walk. On the other hand, I've got two more graduations to sit through before I actually get to work - master's and Ph.D., so it might not be a big deal to sit out the bachelor's.

Oh well. It's a few months away yet, so I needn't worry.
on Mar 15, 2008
And don't forget to get him something nice for graduation . . .

Married To The Sea
on Mar 15, 2008

Consequently, I'm trying to decide if I'm even going to walk for my undergrad coming up.

David said the same thing to me....and I said, in no uncertain terms...."you're walking."  I went thru alot to get him to this place.  I told him after four years of college, that we helped put him thru, it's what he has to do for the parents. Basically......SUCK IT UP!  It's gonna happen........... 

This is as much our day as it is his (I still can't believe he's graduating)....heh!   So SC it's not so much for you as it is for us  Besides all that, I can't see David going on to further his education....might be pleasantly surprised but I'm not holding any collective breath on this one.  I'm just glad he made it this far and he did pretty well for himself. 

Even if it means that he goes to graduation wearing a black garbage bag and a hat made out of a cereal box.!  I didn't even think of a black garbage bag......I hope he doesn't read   I could see him doing this......this would be right up his alley. 

anyone who is willing to dress up like Smurf before going for a run (including painting himself blue)  would have no problem donning a black garbage bag. 

If he does read might just cost me 97 bucks!! 

And don't forget to get him something nice for graduation

well since he and Aly are graduating two weeks before they get married I've already planned a nice practical gift for their new home as a graduation gift.   It's the wedding gift I'm having a hard time with.  Maybe I should put it out to the JU'sers for suggestions? 





on Mar 15, 2008
Sorry, I got nothin' in the way of suggestions. Unless, you give cold hard cash. I know, not very creative, but it's what all new families need. Maybe get them some lame book and tape an envelope with a check in it to the inside flap of the cover. That way, they'll be seriously disappointed, but you'll watch them try to hide it. Then when they open it and see what it has, you can watch the expression on their faces change.
on Mar 16, 2008
some lame book

Something that's totally uncharacteristic for you, too, like Dawkins or something. It would make the joke even richer.
on Mar 16, 2008
Actually, I think it would need to be the opposite. In order for it to believeable, it would have to be something that they know that you are into but that they don't care about. For instance, one of my favorite books is Atlas Shrugged and I'm always suggesting that people read it, but they rarely do.

So if I were to give them a nice hard bound copy of it and tape money inside, well that would work beautifully. The book isn't lame to me, but my kid my consider it to be so.