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Published on February 9, 2007 By KFC Kickin For Christ In Politics
I recognize we are meeting here today to consider a bill to protect chickens, but isn’t protecting our nation’s young women … equally, if not more important,
than our dinner entrée?”

-- Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., commenting after Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee approved a measure earlier this week to stop animals from being transported across state lines for fighting, but rejected his amendment to stop young girls from being secretly taken across state lines for abortions.


on Feb 10, 2007
He has a flair!  And it is wrong.  It has always been wrong, and it will always be wrong.  It is called custodial interferance, yet in one single case, custody does not matter - abortion.  Yep the doctors of death have a strong lobby.
on Feb 10, 2007
ya, here it's not unusual I found out recently to put girls on birth control even at the tender age of 12. I found out that one of the young ladies at my church was being pressured to come to the clinic and get fixed up because she has a boyfriend. In the minds of the clinic boyfriend means birth control needed. Parents need not to know.

How scary. .